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Why, oh why there so much people who read manga so superficial??? Or they read some alternative translation so to speak? Then it explains the strong belief of some fans that "IchiHime" is a pairing...

But today I'm not talking about that but about damn hougyoku.

Arch ended long ago but still I hear amazing thing: that hougyoku was hidden in Rukia's gigai... =____=
What made most of you think so, my dear, suffering from amnesia and poor eyesight, friends?
No, really. From the very beginning it was clear to me that this can't be true. And later in the manga came official confirmation of my opinion. Still, I kept bumping into airheads who wants to challenge my theory. It's such a hackneyed subject that I starts to get annoying of it.……
What else proof do you need? Hougioku was hidden in Rukia's soul. Accept this fact and get over it.

If you read chapters "Turning back the pendulum" it will explain a few simple facts:

- Urahara escaped from Soul Society about one hundred years ago.
Which means that he could found  Rukia only in Soul Society: she died as an infant about 150 years ago. She was Byakuya's  sister only forty years and before that she spend a couple of years in the Academy, hence hundred years ago she still was living in Inuzuri...

- Urahara is a genius . And Yoruichi not dumb herself. So they definitely don't immediately rushed into World of living. First of all they got rid of the prosecution, and then confused traces straying to Rukongai's areas. And it is logical to assume that they somehow ended up in Inuzuri where met Rukia. By this time Urahara probably has found that the hougyoku cannot be destroyed and start to develop a new plan how to conceal it.

And isn't it the perfect solution: to hide the stone in one of the millions of souls in Rukongai ? Even if Aizen would realize that hougioku no longer with Urahara, while he was looking for it, the vessel soul is likely to be reborn... And given that the children in Inuzuri - uncommon rare phenomenon and did not survive for long, those chances are doubled.

And this already completely from the Wood of My Assumptions:
As it's the fact that Rukia wouldn't allow any suspicious stranger to come near her not that to make any doubtful procedure on her, and - the MAIN THING - she doesn't remember anything of such, it is obvious that she had to be not in the best form and very low on riatsu. Plus hardly Urahara would choose her, realizing that there is a probability for the girl to become shinigami... Most likely that Rukia got separated from her friends and what considerably limited a choices for Urahara.
Probably their mary bunch of purloiners ran into troubles and they decided to divided for throw off their persecutors. But Rukia wasn't lucky this time. Probably even Urahara rescued her from further punishment and simply used her helpless state.

And once, in one of the sally in Seiretei, Yoruichi learned about a loud adoption in Kuchiki's clan, just decided to satisfy her curiosity and unexpectedly for herself recognized the girl...

Otherwise why the hell Urahara wait all this time and just didn't use Isshin for this? Or any other shinigami who got appointed to Karakura? Someone not especially strong and not from such known family? 


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Brown-eyed ashy brunette (early friggin' gray hair).
I have kind of fear for dentists, lifts and crowds.
Introvert with lame sense of humour.

All who familiar with me, consider me as cheerful, lovely and sweet. And Liability.
All of this a parcel of rubbish: I am professional hypocrite. And right now I in the nastiest mood.

My mood is always changeable as the weather. But I use to hiding it well. Or all the rest - just blind.
Honestly, how can it is possible for someone to believe my lame show?

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